This is the People's Party of Canada's Platform for the October 2019 general election. It will be gradually unveiled over the coming weeks.

For topics not yet covered, please check the policies proposed by its leader Maxime Bernier when he was running for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2016-17. The PPC's platform will be mostly based on the same policies.
Decentralizing and Shrinking Government
Making Every Canadian Richer
Standing Up for Rural Canadians
Canada’s Immigration Policy Must Aim to Fulfill our Economic Needs
A Foreign Policy Focused on the Security and Prosperity of Canadians
A Fair Gun Policy for Canada
Equalization: Fairness for all provinces
Health Care Innovation
Internal Trade: Getting rid of interprovincial trade barriers

2019 Electoral Platform

Freedom of Expression: Protecting Canadians from Censorship and Discrimination

Pipelines: Allowing our Oil and Gas Industry to Grow

Foreign Policy: Focusing on the Security and Prosperity of Canadians

2019 Electoral Platform

Global Warming and Environment: Rejecting Alarmism and Focusing on Concrete Improvements

Supply Management: Making Dairy, Poultry, and Eggs More Affordable