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Last Pre-Election Event Sunday, September 19, 2021 in Blackburn Park 3 PM, Salmon Arm, BC



Political parties have evolved into a single pool of the same old message different voice.  Justin Trudeau yesterday, Erin O’Toole today and Jagmeet Singh tomorrow.  How do we differentiate between their versions of political diversity? The reason many of us have been committed to a particular party has been the appearance of philosophical differences.  The terms, left, right or variations thereof, have historically been a guide to our selection of political candidates.


It has become apparent that there is very little that differentiates one party from another. They are all 'Cola’s' –some Pepsi Cola & others Coca Cola.  The fizz seems to dissipate as soon as the lid is removed and the contents are exposed to reality. Then they become just another bottle of flat Cola. 


To make matters worse, the Party Whips extract a punishment for those who dissent from the “party principles”. Our elected individuals who succumb to the Party Whip shall be henceforth known as “Whipped MPs”, the fizz gone and just another bottle of flat Cola.


So what do voters want? Why would one re-elect a “Whipped MP”? It is time to vote for and elect an MP who actually who works for the constituents who elected him.


Lets look at recent evidence of parties who participate in “speak our message or leave the party”.  In other words we do not want you in Parliament unless you agree with our rhetoric:

  • Derek Sloan: “ I was kicked out of the CPC because I wasn’t a team player”. Currently running as an independent.

  • Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin: Removed from the Conservative caucus in Nova Scotia. Sitting as an independent and won by a landslide.

  • Maxime Bernier –Refused to tow the line.  The Peoples Party of Canada (PPC) was formed.


What did these individuals have in common? They refused to be “whipped”; they speak from their conscience and aim to support their constituent’s beliefs in spite of the party rhetoric.


We must elect people who represent us – not necessarily the party. Constituents first, party second.  Look around you and decide whether your MP has done anything for you or this constituency. Is he a whipped bottle of flat Cola, making him ineffective?  It is time for a change!  

VOTE for a party that is not just another Cola. 


VOTE for Kyle Delfing “Your voice in Ottawa”.





Imagine our surprise in September 2019, when “InfoTel” reported:

North Okanagan-Shuswap MP Mel Arnold spent $121,138 ($30,285 annually) on travel expenses for his wife Linda Arnold, while Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod spent $110,035 ($27,509 annually) on travel expenses for her husband Robert McLeod. These two BC Tory MPs' expenses put them in the top five in the country out of the 333 Members of Parliament. 


One would think that Mel Arnold would have paid heed to this message, after the newspaper highlighted this short coming and it became an election issue, it appears that his re-election for a second term was viewed as an endorsement for this flagrant disregard for taxpayers expenses. Mel’s expenses, in the post election period (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020) are even higher than previously reported. Expenses for Linda Arnold’s travel cost are now at $33,529.31.  Mel himself billed $40,620.20 for his own travel costs.  With the exception of two trips, it appears that the taxpayer footed the bill for two individuals to fly to Ottawa. 


There are sacrifices linked to committing to representing the constituents of North Okanagan. One is the disruption of working away from home. Frequent trips to Ottawa are part of that package.  It is reasonable to assume that our MP will maintain a modest lifestyle while being compensated by the taxpayer’s generosity.


Question for Mel Arnold:


Do you realize that there are many people in the North Okanagan who fly to Fort Mac who would dearly love to bring their wives with them but do not have the luxury of accessing the taxpayers purse? If you cannot work in Ottawa without your wife then your should look for another job!


Historically we have expected fiscal responsibility from our Conservative MPs. Did you know that a vote for Mel Arnold is a vote to pay for his wife to criss-cross across the country at will, and on your dime?


Kyle does not need to take his wife to work.


Vote for Kyle Delfing who commits to reducing the designated travel budget for North Okanagan Similkameen by $25,000 per year.


Vote for a candidate who will respect your hard earned tax dollars. 



Q&A with People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier


we are the real conservative party. If you believe in conservative values you must believe in free markets, if you believe in free markets you must not support a cartel for dairy, milk and poultry. We are the only ones that want to abolish that cartel and we want them — the supply management producers — to work on the free market. But Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, they don’t want to touch that and these people will keep their privilege. I think it is not conservative principles and it is not fair for the population because, as you know, they are paying $500 more every year to keep that cartel and ... they represent only 10 per cent of the farmers in this country. ... Read More.

Maxime Bernier's tour of region 'frustrating' for Interior Health's top doctor


VERNON (NEWS 1130) — Interior Health’s top doctor says he’s monitoring Maxime Bernier’s tour of the region, worried that the People’s Party of Canada leader is inviting people to join him in “fighting against draconian lockdowns.”

British Columbia is not currently locked down. Restrictions on gathering, indoor fitness, religious services, and indoor dining are in place, but schools and many businesses remain open.

There is nothing prohibiting Bernier from travelling to B.C. from Quebec during the COVID-19 pandemic, but federal and provincial guidelines advise against non-essential, interprovincial travel.

Zak Vescera Updated: June 6, 2019

B.C. wing of People's Party targeted by forged emails, apparently designed to discredit it

Emails that appeared to come from the B.C. chapter of Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada were recently provided to the media. They purported to show a top party organizer promoting racism.

Canada’s populist party appears to be the target of cyber fraud designed to deepen divides within the party, an early warning of the surge of online disinformation expected in the fall federal election campaign.

Emails that appeared to come from the B.C. chapter of Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada were recently provided to the media. They purported to show a top party organizer promoting racism.

But an analysis Read More


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